Policy based Firewall with:  

Today the Internet is a vital tool for business communication. Many companies communicate with customers, partners and affiliates via the Internet. This is the reason of the Internet security becomes a problem of paramount importance. To keep customers’ and partners’confidence companies have to secure sensitive information and network resources properly.

You need Z-2TM – policy based firewall to protect sensitive corporate, partners’ and customers’ information against being accessible beyond the appropriate relationship boundaries. Z-2TM controls and filters corporate network flows on both IP and Application layers. It detects attacks, unauthorized accesses to internal corporate information resources and other violations of the network security policy and suppresses them automatically. Z-2TM easily integrates with virus scanners and content security solutions to protect companies against viral infection, spam and forbidden files.Z-2TM has an advanced authentication server that provides users with the secure access to corporate information resources.

      Z-2TM provides companies with:   Z-2TM key features:  

otal control over incoming and outgoing information flows

Detection and prevention of network intrusions

Concealing of the corporate network structure

User identification and authentication

Fine-grain control of access to corporate resources and services

Checking information flows for viruses

Analyzing and reporting on network security activity

Deployment of the network security policies

Built-in Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

Filtering on Network, Transport and Application layers

Integrated Network Addresses Translation (NAT) technology

Advanced user authentication

Centralized management of security policies

Java-based GUI


Multilayer Filtering System  

Z-2TM performs data filtering on Network, Transport and Application layers. Z-2TM checks the data against criteria specified by the security administrator and executes an appropriate action (e.g., proceeds with data transfer). Z-2TM provides advanced authentication mechanism that enables protecting from passive attacks (e.g., packet sniffing for interception of user identifiers and passwords). Z-2TM performs Network Address Translation according to specified rules. This feature prevents the structure of the internal network from being discovered by outsiders. It allows companies to use arbitrary IP addresses within the internal network. To prevent denial of service (DoS) attacks, Z-2TM limits the number of requests processed concurrently. Z-2TM can be configured to react automatically to unauthorized actions or other policy violations (e.g., notifying the administrator). This assures timely responses to violations and helps companies to minimize eventual losses. Z-2TM logs all network security activity: requests for access to corporate resources, results of requests, detected and prevented security violations, etc. Z-2TM includes tools for analysis of logged information and reporting the results.

Sun Solaris/SPARC Sun Solaris/x86 Security Appliance

Built-in extensible authentication server:
  • Identifies and authenticates users that request for access to corporate services by reusable or one-time passwords
  • Allow security administrator to add other authentication modules by using of pluggable authentication module (PAM) without modifying the server configuration

High reliability of Z-2TM is ensured by:

  • Built-in logging and auditing system
  • Run-time monitoring of software integrity and environment
  • Built-in backup and recovery system

Internal security is ensured by:

  • Granting different access privileges to different administrators
  • Granting access to authorized administrators only
  • Monitoring and logging all administrators actions

Balancing protection and performance:

  • High performance application-layer filtering (implemented at the kernel level) fits for high-speed channels

Integration with other security solutions:

  • Spam-blocking systems
  • VPNs
  • Virus scanners
  • Content filtering tools

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