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Slimax MF-151S/MF-151SU
Slimax MF-170D
Slimax MF-181M
Characteristics of Product
Characteristics of Product
Totall Characteristics
  • A slim design of 25mm has been embodied so that the merits of LCD monitor can be maximized.
  • The base structure made of metal has solidity and stability with its weight-center placed at the base so that an inadvertent carelessness will not give a damage to the product.
  • Noise caused at the time of data being sent due to separation of control board from LCD panel is solved by EMI ielding technology for the hardware and software.
  • The base and LCD head are designed to be adjustable in the height of up and own and the position of front and back as heir die-casting structures are connected with two hinges.
  • The inverter, thermal source
    (the upper part) and control board being separated, the product is protected against heat by thermal factors and damage by the flowing-in of dust caused by static electricity with no unnecessary holes for radiation of heat.
  • Designed to be expandable for the use of various types of LCD panel, this product can have many models. Function of auto scaler is designed to make forced control for re-setup if the user has set up the screen mode out of range.

اطلاعات بيشتر در مورد مقايسه بين مانيتورهای "TFT-LCD" ساخت شرکت "Max Media" و "CRT"

اطلاعات بيشتر در مورد اهم مزايای مانيتورهای "TFT-LCD" ساخت شرکت "Max Media"

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