MailBoss, the e-mail policy enforcer, is an advanced and innovative e-mail content security solution, providing efficient content security for enterprises of any size and structure. With its unique policy definition technology and modular architecture, MailBoss keeps pace with ever changing risks and threats facing companies today. This technology sets MailBoss apart from competing products.

  • AI Anti-SPAM module
    The intelligent SPAM filter is based on the Paul Graham algorithm. It enables MailBoss to achieve 99.5% accuracy in filtering unwanted mail, with less than 0.03% of false positives. This self-studying system is very reliable in comparison with other SPAM filtering software on the market that claims only 70% of SPAM filtering.

  • Comprehensive message analysis
    MailBoss analyzes messages of any structure and complexity. Using artificial intelligence filtering technology, full text analysis, and smart message classification, MailBoss scans e-mail messages and complex attachments in all popular formats (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, text, Adobe PDF, etc.), including compressed files. The system also detects OLE-objects in MS Office application files.

  • Powerful filtering subsystem
    All message components are taken into account when filtering is performed. Envelope attributes, mail headers, MIME-headers, message body, attached files are analyzed in accordance with pre-defined rules. The system allows the administrator to define and enforce various e-mail filtering policies. Administrators can establish per-user, per-computer, and per-group access and customized content scanning and filtering policies. They can create unlimited dictionaries and allow/deny permission lists to control transferring or receiving of e-mails for designated addresses or domains.

  • Flexible response tools
    MailBoss can trigger automatic response actions when specified conditions are met. It can allow/deny message transfer, modify the message, archive, log and tag it, and send notifications to any authorized party. Those actions can be done in any combination. MailBoss provides e-mail re-engineering, which allows modification of messages before they are sent or forwarded, including eliminating offensive attachments and annotating messages with additional text, depending on filtering results.

  • Comprehensive reporting and statistics
    This module enables report generation, using various e-mail traffic parameters. It provides standard reporting formats, which can be converted to MS Excel files. This module is convenient for every company. With the help of this module it's possible to analyze e-mail traffic for a short period of time and quickly make adjustments to the security policy. It also contains seven standard Oracle Reports.

  • High performance Email Archive Warehouse
    The e-mail Warehouse is based on an Oracle Database. Full text search capabilities are standard. It is also possible to use PostgreSQL DBMS with MailBoss/Lite (MailBoss on Linux).

  • Internal security
    MailBoss provides control of user access to all components and databases, including archived mail, rules and policies.

  • Open standards compliance
    MailBoss uses industry standards of open data management. It is possible to use third party tools and applications to perform additional data processing, search and analysis. E-mail message databases can be easily integrated with existing systems without re-engineering the entire e-mail setup.

  • Integration with third party systems and security solutions
    MailBoss can be seamlessly integrated with third party security solutions, such as firewalls and antivirus software.
    The system can be managed by HP OpenView using SNMP traps.
    MailBoss offers optional support for PKI encryption/decryption and signing of e-mail at the gateway.

  • High performance and reliability
    MailBoss is available on UNIX OS, including Sun Solaris, HP-UX and Linux, which are known for their outstanding performance, reliability and scalability.

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