:: Radar Gun
Technical characteristics
Working frequency
  24.15 0,1 GHz (k-range)  
Revealing distance (3 levels), not less
  300 - 800 m 
Measured speed range *
  30 - 250 km/h
Speed measurement error
  2,0 km/h
Speed measurement time 
  not more 1,0 sec
Discontinuity of speed threshold value
  1,0 km/h
Motion direction selection
  oncoming, following, all directions
Working mode
  impactly manual, automatic - periodic impact radiation 
The fastest target selection
  at 5 km/h speed exceeding in the group
Memory cells
Storing time of information in each of memory cells 
  not less 10 min
Indicator type
  twocolored LED indicator with brightness regulation
Setting time of working mode after power supply
 not more 3 sec
Output power of radiation
 25 mW is normal, 50 mW is maximum
Average consumed power
  not more 8 W
Autonomous power supply 
from 6 to 24 hours without recharging. Depending on accumulator battery type
Power supply voltage
  11-16 V
  0,9 kg (without accumulator battery)
  26518065 mm
Temperature limits
  - 50ºC +55ºC

* In motion when oncoming targets are controlled the maximum speed of patrol car must not exceed 250 km/h. When following targets are controlled ratio between target speed and patrol car speed must be more than 4 km/h.

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